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Rent Adam's studio to record your drum tracks!
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To play your event: World class percussion duo available;

Adam Hay (Chantal Kreviazuk) and Luis Orbegoso (Winner of Grand Prix de Jazz: Montreal Jazz Fest) are a world class percussion duo available to play your event in and around Toronto, throughout Canada, or internationally. They are also available to perform clinics and masterclasses at your school or music store. Go to www.youtube.com/yahmada <http://www.youtube.com/yahmada> to see them in action. You can also hear them on Adam's PERFORMANCE AUDIO page under "Adam Hay Drum Troupe."

Bartosz Hadala (piano) and Adam Hay, duo performance.

Gold Record-earning drummer Adam Hay and Grammy Nominated pianist Bartosz Hadala are two talented musicians at the top of their game, performing completely improvised and extremely dynamic music. Drawing from well-studied backgrounds in jazz, afro-cuban, classical, R&B and other styles, their inspired music is very broad in scope, unique in its detachment from 'canned repertoire', and suitable as background or feature music for your event.

Adam Hay has toured/recorded with Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Royal Wood, Sarah Slean, Patricia O’Callaghan and Justin Rutledge; appearing on MTV, CTV, CBC and CITY TV, local and national radio, feature film and TV movie soundtracks, and radio and TV jingles. 

Adam is a chameleon who can play any style of music and provides the rhythmic fire that fuels pianist Bartosz Hadala, whose latest CD “The Runner Up” features Randy Brecker and Antonio Sanchez and has been nominated for a Grammy Award. He has graced the stage of Carnegie Hall, and won the “Outstanding Performance” award from Down Beat magazine. 
He’s played at the Blue Note and Iridium during his six years in NYC and received scholarships to Berklee and Western Michigan University. 
source: cosmo music

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For recording drums: send Adam demos, he’ll record drums and send the tracks back to you;

If you are interested in having Adam’s drumming recorded for your project, he will work with producer/engineer Flavio Monopoli (www.monopolimusic.com <http://www.monopolimusic.com/> ). The session(s) will be recorded to your specifications, and you will be provided with "mixed to zero" edited files in your preferred format and resolution. These files can be easily imported into your existing session.

Our requirements:

1- Audio file(s) of song(s) to have drums added to: audio files should be stereo .wav or .mp3s.
2- Instrumentation must be recorded to a click track. Please provide exact tempo.
3- A scratch vocal is helpful, but not necessary.
4- A description of the direction the song should take: heavy, mellow, poppy, cut time, double time...

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Online auditions: send Adam your tracks without drums. He’ll video himself playing along and email this video back to you

If you'd like Adam to audition for your project, you can send him music that he can play along to and video/record the results and send this back to you. However, it is recommended that you check the video and audio section of this website for examples of his playing.

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Hire Adam to program/write your drum loops/grooves

Adam can create drum loops in MIDI and send them to you in whatever desired format. He can also record loops on one of his acoustic kits and send the loops to you via email, or snail mail.

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Hire Adam as a producer;

Adam has 18 years of experience in all kinds of musical scenarios. You can hire him to produce your song, your short demo, or your full-length project.

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Hire Adam to tour nationally, internationally;

Adam has been touring throughout Canada and internationally with many different artists since 1999. He loves it! For more information on who he's toured with, please see his Bio and On Tour pages. 

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Hire Adam to find you musicians, producers, engineers, studios, etc

Adam has been a very active freelance drummer in the Toronto/Canadian music scene since 1998. He knows and loves a respectable amount of wonderful musicians/producers/engineers/studios/rehearsal space/backline companies/music stores. You can hire Adam to consult you on connecting you to these artists and locations.

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Hire Adam as a consultant on freelance drumming, teaching;

You can hire Adam to consult you on how to set up your own teaching practice and how to take your skills as a freelance musician to a higher level.

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Hire Adam to perform a clinic, master class (at your school or wherever)

Adam conducts masterclasses every month. He has also given a drumming workshop at McGill University (for Architecture Dep't) and been a guest speaker for the Crescent middle school where he performed a solo. Adam is a natural teacher, born to share his knowledge and love of drumming.

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Contact Adam for advice on 
where to buy drum gear in Toronto and Canada

For a fee, Adam will help guide you what he feels are the best deals around. This is a consultant fee. 

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Rent Adam's Studio (as drum practice room)

If you're a drummer, you can rent Adam's rehearsal studio by the hour, day, week, or month (though, this studio is not available for you to take lessons with another teacher, unfortunately, or to rehearse with another musician. This is for one drummer only) His studio is located at 660 Richmond Street West in downtown Toronto (at Bathurst and Queen). Contact Adam for schedule and rates. 

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