Exploring the Learning Process by Adam Hay

Technical Tips
Cymbal Selection
Drumhead Selection
Drumstick Selection
Electronic Drums
Drum Miking
Drumset Notation
Drum Rudiments
Snare Drum Selection
Drum Tuning

Great grooves and solos:
400 rumba funk grooves
David Giribaldi Lessons

David Giribaldi - Soul Vaccination
Snare Solo

Send me videos (and emails) of you playing. Once I've received your payment (contact Adam for details on how to arrange this), I’ll respond with very thorough and worthwhile tips (video and /or written via email) on how you can improve!

Adam Hay plays RnB


Adam Hay plays Ostinato in 5 with Rumba superimposed

 Adam Hay plays Abakua on Conga and Drumset


Adam Hay plays Guaguanco on Drumset


Adam Hay demonstrates Clave Exercise

 Adam Hay demonstrates Rock Basics on Drumset


Adam Hay plays Rumba Colombia on Drumset

Mission Statement


My goal is to empower students, to open doors, to inspire, and to remain inspired. With positive enforcement, encouragement, and a little push here and there, students discover that the roots of drumming and of making music run very deep—that inherent in the participative, courageous act of letting oneself be a student (the means) there is a very fun and very cool world of drumming to discover (the ends), not to mention, one's place in it as a drumming musician.

My belief is that rhythm is meditative and brings us to a state of no-mind, to a state of peace. Anxieties and stress fade in the moment through grooving, swinging, rocking. Moreover, what I discourage is competitiveness, perfectionism, jealousy, and ego, because music is not a sport . . . but if the student just wants their hands and feet to go really fast, I can teach that, too!

Ultimately, I remain a drum student myself. I’m constantly, endlessly, tirelessly honing my craft. I study with excellent teachers, attend as many drum clinics as I possibly can, research and explore on the net, and I approach doing so with complete humility and the attitude of a beginner. This allows me to focus on the most salient aspects of whatever I’m learning. After twenty years of playing drums (non-stop), I still benefit greatly from adopting this attitude, and am probably more into drumming now than I've ever been.

Learning how to play the drums does not have to be hard. But it should be fun! And having the right attitude goes a long way. So I take it easy on my students. My goal is for them to embrace the impossible (humble attitude), to make it possible (disciplined approach to practice), to play impossibly well (we're musicians after all), and to get them fired up along the way!

I teach students of all ages (even as young as 4) and all skill levels.

Have a look at the "Areas Of Study" that are offered, and have a listen to some "Performance Audio" as well.